Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Walked in an Auction House and Came out a Gun Dealer

    About a month ago I took off of work to go to my very first gun auction at a local auction house.  I had no idea what to expect, especially once I saw about 75 cars in the parking lot and many gun buyers fighting their way through the door.  I made my way into the auction house and noticed that the average age was about 67 and the male to female ratio was about 30 to 1.  I encouraged my girlfriend to go along with me for this adventure and see what this was all about.  The auction was held in an old warehouse that smelled of coffee and cigarettes. I signed in with the secretary and she gave me a bid number of 238. The auction had just began and they were selling rifles left and right.  I hadn't studied up to much on what I was bidding on, but I was looking for a sign from God to lead me in the right direction.  I big on a couple of hunting supplies just to keep my girlfriend interested but didn't see anything that caught my eye.

    About two hours into the auction they brought out a rifle that was a .270 caliber rifle.  I didn't hear what brand it was or really any details whatsoever, but it looked like a good rifle that was in good shape.  I bid another guy up to $340 and won the rifle.  I waited around for a bit before I grabbed my rifle so that I didn't walk right in front of everyone, but I eventually grabbed my rifle and paid for it.  As I was walking out the door an older man stopped me and said "Son you got a great deal on that rifle, it is the straightest shooting rifle you will see."  I honestly hadn't even looked at the rifle yet, but his words of encouragement made me pretty happy.  I took home the rifle and learned that it was made by a company called Herters Inc.  I had never heard of such a company and neither had anyone else I spoke to.  Was the man at the auction house just giving me words of encouragement because I was young? I was eager to find out where this gun came from and what made it such an accurate rifle.....